Modern Day
On the quad, the graduate library stands years old-crisp in the air with gothic architecture stone veins statues rise vertical with copper aqua roof fighting its own age. Ignores the crumbling world of men. Has it lost or forgotten meaning? A child of it, any poor student might shift through leaves pages ancient book magic Medieval Russian print, in ancient blue and gold inscribed covers tomes. They claim saint’s teaching young thoughts.
Younger yet, geometry of a modern glass panes, squares triangles circles plainer rosettes attach to the older building the modern and still graduate building, time ekes backward, the same student, younger reads middle ages blackletter print in any volume of Bible, saved from ages. ancient thoughts of spring that make the mind grasp at then grapple reeds of hope that growing might yet mature to rood, or any other salvation. Time continues to wind backward.
Birthed into the academic world from the streets, trenchcoated poor looks vagrant, a man sleeps as birds hop on any lesser St. Francis, on the quad

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