Lost to paper and emptied on a line,

Ther come to exist and trail behind intent in angry slashes.

Joyful curve creations slithering a signed, or twisted etched

From Rosewood or a ballpoint, with loops and whorls.

Pen’s fingerprints – sometimes trivial—are inchworms on the wiggle;

Drip-drops in inkyt trickles, peasants to the number printed on a check;

In art’s masterpieces flimsy proof, are dwarfed

by Declarations, Constitutions of “we people.”

Whether perfect cursive’s course, or scribble-difficult to read,

Shape names dragged along the underlines by capitals,

Break birth’s first breath, clever out the learning level;

Make or break a marriage; sign lives away;

leave letters on last testament; escape the great unique

with certificate of death or writ of execution.

Signatures alone – particular to each, are senseless ciphers when,

Even etched in steel or signed in stone,

Forever wriggle free, useless to trail behind intent,,

are left with context lost or meaning emptied, ownerless exist.

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